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Angelique Gutierrez

Owner of AMG Fitness


Angelique Gutierrez's love of sports and fitness came at a very young age. She started gymnastics when she was three and was a competitive gymnast for 14 years. Through all her years in gymnastics she reached one of the top levels in the sport. She then coached the sport for 5 years at a competitve level of all ages. She also coached the highschool team and choreographed the floor and balance beam routines for Harvard Westlake for one year.  


Angelique Gutierrez was a cheerleader at Los Angeles Baptist H.S. where she received an award for All American Cheerleader and was invited to take part in a cheer team for college bowl football games. While she attended Califonia State University Northridge she was also a cheerleader for the football team.


At California State University Northridge she received her Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology and worked at the college gym part-time while going to school where she worked her way up to manager of the gym.


After college, Angelique found a love for seniors and started working at the Jewish Community Center personal training the seniors in the community. From there she started working at Sunrise Assisted Living Home in 2002 when she graduated college. Eight years later she is still teaching a chair exercise class to the seniors that live there. She has dedicated her time there since the day they opened up their doors.


She also started working at Monarch Village two years ago which is an independant living home for seniors. She teaches an exercise class there as well.


She specializes in functional training, sports training and older adult/special populations training. She trains anywhere from young children to adults 80+ years old.


Angelique has recently started Workouts In The Park three times a week and is looking to expand to other areas. She has a successful following with these workouts and her clients have seen great results.